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Thursday, December 29, 2011

We should learn from this!

My last update was being true MUSLIM... n below is the story of the person that we should respect and to be our role model as TRUE MUSLIM...

Hashim Amla does not wear a Castle logo (A beer company) on his cricket shirt. He did not pocket a cent from his match fee beacuse of that. Amla said, "Promoting beer & liquor is against the teachings of Islam." and so he became the first player to be the exception. Later he was granted permission by South African Breweries and Cricket South Africa not to wear the Castle logos on his clothing. ALLAHU AKBAR!



You religion is clearly important to you but just how much?

The importance of my religion has increased as I have got older. I couldn’t put a time frame on it but I have found that following the Islamic way of life has a lot of beauty to it. Although I was born into a Muslim family I wasn’t always practicing. The more I have understood the differences in the various faiths I have adopted as much of Islam as possible. I’m certainly no saint but the discipline of the Islamic way of life has helped my cricket without a doubt. I don’t drink and I pray five times a day, which gives stability to my daily routine.

ALHAMDULILLAH! We all should learn from this. IN SHA ALLAH!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Be True MUSLIM not Just a MUSLIM by name...

I remember it was winter in England and I was catching a train back to the city where I lived. It was cold, I looked out, White snow was falling lightly from the gloomy sky. The train was moving fast, and as it moved I could see grounds in white all covered up by snow. ‘Covered up?’ the word rang in my head. Images of hijab and headscarf flashes on my mind.
For the two hours journey, I couldnt sleep even once. There was too much on my mind. I was born as a Muslim. And I didn‘t pray five times a day like everybody else. I hardly could read the Quran. People could say I was illiterate in a way. Because at times, it took me a long while to finish even a short verse from the Quran. It was in Arabic and I was never taught Arabic, that was my excuse of not reading. I thought as long as you have a good heart that‘s good enough. And if you don’t commit huge sins, you’ll be fine. But what she said, made my whole perspective looked, vain.
I was from London and on my way back home to the North West region. My heart wasn’t at ease. What she said had made me thinking, and I was thinking real hard. She was a nice girl. ‘Be a true Muslim, and not just a Muslim by name,’ she said politely with a smile, but the meaning was intense. She was merely quoting and was not saying it to me but my heart was touched. What kind of Muslim, had I been all these while? I don’t want to be a Muslim and only by name. It doesn’t sound good either. As the train moved, heading to North West where I lived, I let out few sighs.
Few months after later.. ‘Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim..,’ I read out loud before starting to read the Quran. My web-cam was on. That night We were in the middle of Quranic circle. It’s an activity that we do once a week. Through this circle, we read the Quran in turns. All were ladies. Sometimes we get to discussed about the meaning behind the Quran verses and some Hadith from Rasulullah. It was amazingly fun and I never thought I would actually had fun doing religious activity. I was very thankful to Siti and her older sister because now I can read the Quran much better. And since then, I keep on gradually changing, I realised. How I view life has changed too, a bit if not much.
At nights before I slept, I thought of going to a place. Somewhere faraway and seemed hard to reach but I knew its reachable. And if possible, I wanted to go there with someone that I loved. Of course that’s still remain as a wish and I hope it’ll come true one day. My life is never this calm! I now wear headscarf everywhere I go.
It doesn’t feel right without it. Sometimes that leads to guilt, when people sees my hair. So I wear headscarf whenever I go out. My social activity especially when interacting with men has also changed. I used to be friendly and outgoing, even with the opposite gender. Now I feel sort of afraid. Sometimes I limit myself from being too ‘friendly’ with men. Sometimes, I think twice before I talked to them. Is it necessary or not to talk now? Because Women can be a fitnah to men, I don’t want to build up sins.
I used to look for a romantic boyfriend before. I searched high and low but funny that I never really had a boyfriend until now. I used to ask why? The question is why. Because I’m not unpretty. But now I understand the reason behind. Having a romantic relationship outside marriage can lead to something that breaks the law of Syariah.
All praise to Allah, I’m glad I never had boyfriends before. I’m not worried if I don’t find a guy any sooner. I’m not looking for a relationship anymore. And definitely not looking for someone based on how romantic he is. I’m going with the flow, after all everything about humans has been written. I want to fix myself first.
I read somewhere about ‘Mencintai kerana Allah’ or ’Loving you because of God’. It was a nice Malay blog entry. I am aiming for that kind of love now. It sounds more pure than romantic love, to me. 
‘What’s your dream guy like?’ a friend asked me one day while we ride on a taxi.
I didn’t replied him immediately though, ‘and have you found him?’ he added quickly.
‘Why do you want to know’ I politely asked with a smile.
‘Well, only asking,’ he replied calmly. Then there were silent. The road was wet due to the rain. It was soon before the taxi reached my home.
‘Was he like me?’ he then added. He was hinting something, I knew. I’ve been waiting for this moment all this year. And this could be a dream come true, but..
‘My dream guy is,’ I began ‘Someone who can guide me, you know, he leads and I follow,’ Then I paused.
‘I can be the guy,’ He said confidently.
There was silence again, a long one. The taxi finally reached my home. I said goodbyes to him and walked to my front door. I wave before the taxi accelerated again. He smiled to me even though I didn’t gave him the answer. He was a nice guy but he couldn‘t be the guy. Because…
I want to live with a guy who could guide me, so that I can get closer to My Creator. I want a man who can lead as an Imam, in every prayers that we’re gonna do together as married couple. A man who would tell Islamic history as a bed-time-stories to our children in the future. I want a man who’ll read the holly Quran to me, to cheer me every time I’m down. That is my dream guy and before I can meet him, I knew I need to fix myself first.
One beautiful spring afternoon, I was at a function. There were many Malays all gathered. That’s when I met him. He’s not just decent but he has the characteristic of my dream guy. Every time our eyes met accidentally during the event, he quickly moved away his stare. That convinced me, even more.
I knew he’ll be a good amir, a leader of a family. Secretly I prayed: O‘ Allah, I want that kind of guy as a partner in life. At nights before I slept, I thought of going to a place. Somewhere faraway and seemed hard to reach but I knew its reachable. And if possible, I wanted to go there with someone that I loved. I want to go to Jannah (the heaven) with him! I’ll wait here and I know the wait is worthy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Ya-Rabbul Ariffin
Tuhanku,Seandainya telah kau takdirkan dia milikku.. tercipta buatku 
Dekatkan lah hatinya dengan hatiku 
Tetapkan lah kemesraan antara kami 
Agar kebahagiaan ini kekal abadi 

Ya Muhaimin
Dan Tuhanku 
Seiringkan lah kami mengharungi hidup luas ini 
Ke tepian yang sejahtera 

Ya Rabbul Fatihin
Tetapi Tuhanku yang Maha Pengasih 
Seandainya telah kau takdirkan dia bukan milikku 
Bawalah dia jauh dari pandangan ku 
Luput dari ingatan ku 
Dan peliharalah aku dari kecewa 

Ya Rabbul Izzati
Serta Tuhanku yang Maha Mengerti 
Berilah aku kekuatan melontar bayangannya ke dada langit 
Hilang bersama senja nan merah 
Dan gelap pekat awan 
Agar aku bisa bahagia 
Walaupun tanpa dirinya 

Ya Rabbul Quddus
Dan Tuhanku 
Biar sekuat mana aku menyintainya 
Aku pohon agar Tuhanku 
Melenyapkan perasaan ini 
Sekiranya dia ditakdirkan bukan milikku 

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim
Tapi sekiranya dia ditakdirkan untukku 
Kupohan agar takdir memperkuatkan kasihku padanya 
Selagi tidak melebihi kasihku padaMU 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

thanks for all the wishes :)

I just turned  yesterday. To me, age is just a number that represent a fine cargo of experiences and memories. Ya, age really is just a number. Inside your head, you can be a teenager in your late twenties. It is wonderful like it did when i was teenager in fact. Well, i'm grown up now, but the memories keep remain in my mind. In 30 years time, I will be telling my grandchildren about my "enjoyness" teenager life.

Here is some tips, to live longer but still healthier and look younger, just enjoys your life, eat right, exercise regularly and keep mentally active and positive. Face the reality calmly. Growing older is compulsory, Growing up is optional. Hehe :)

I received 100 more Facebook, SMS and email even "self-phone-call" birthday messages. The messages have been so wonderful. I wanted to take a moment to show my gratitude to everyone, my family, my friends, my colleagues who took the time to wish me Happy Birthday. Thanks a lot. The wishes are mean a lot to me. *Cries*  

Me and my "meja bulat" friends have an intimate dinner for my birthday celebration. We had dinner at Benafe Village. The food was really SEDAP! i had meatball with tomato sauces pasta. 

Thanks to Ayu, she got me a super duper amazing strawberry chocolate cake from Bread Talk, that was so yummy! Ayu ask an apology for a small cake. Ayuuuuuuu! You are sweetest girl in the world. No worries babe, IT IS SMALL CAKE BUT IT GIVES BIG MEANING TO ME, really! Love you Ayu, muuuah. I'm sharing Birthday Cake with Soley, his birthday fall today. To Soley, happy birthday to you. Bila mo kawen? hehe...

Big thank as well to Aisha, Iezan, John, Soley, Carl-lite and Mie for spending your time to celebrate my birthday last night. I feel so glad because i'm having too much fun with my good friends last night which i could ever deserved it. As usual, after "tiup lilin and potong-potong cake" session, we talked and we talked until late night. hrmmm... I will miss this moment, when the time actually comes when I part from all of them. There will be constantly an empty hole in my heart. I promises all of you will remain in my heart.   


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Formula One Racing. :)

Just imagine life without friends? It would be dull+boring+plain, definitely!

That is why i keep my high school/college friends close. Even though we have own paths in life, we still have time to update about each other's lives, spend time together for "girlie" things.I love spending time with them. 

Friends come and go, but good ones will stuck with you. Good friend is the one that can make you happy and somehow make you better person.

Nina, is one of my BFF. We have been friends since high school. Alhamdulillah, we met again after a long time we "lost". (hehe). Now, i am stuck with you babe, can't live a few days without talking each other.I dunno what will happen after i am going for technical attachment in KL. I don't think it is difficult to maintain our friendship... banyak cara lor. Nina, u can visit me at KL what. I know u will do. Hehe.

Recently, i spent my time with her watching F1 racing. It was a greatest moment. BTW, thanks to PROTON for  this free ticket. Sadly, we've got Friday entrance ticket only, another two days PROTON suruh beli sendiri laa... hehe. Satu hari pun dah puas hati juga sebab we are allowed to walk at pit stops/ pit pass. Best tu. The best experience i ever had. The special thing of F1 racing is the way the team manage their time in pit stops, how to minimiz time loss in the box, it is requires fast stop, otherwise it will effect tracks position. Seriously anything can happen. 

Oklaa, till this time. Some photo of my happy moment with Nina. Muaahhh...

 Nina's favorite driver
in front of Ferrari Operation Systems.
My favourite F1 driver.
i left my finger print on F1 car. Hehe. *.* Pengsan

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Marah itu sesungguhnya mudah walaupun buruk akibatnya. Marah boleh menyebabkan kita mengguris hati kawan kita tanpa sedari. Akibatnya kita kehilangan kawan dan kita dibenci serta dipinggirkan. Lebih teruk lagi,  kita marah pada takdir, kita menyalahkan qada' dan qadar Allah, tanpa sedari kita telah menjadi hamba Allah yang derhaka. Marah bukan jalan penyelesaian setiap musibah yang menimpa diri kita. Sabar adalah sebaik penawar musibah. Hadapi segala musibah, dengan sabar kerana selain mendapat kelebihan yang dijanjikan Allah, hati kita menjadi tenang dan jiwa kita menjadi tenteram. 

Doa Ketika Ditimpa Musibah

"Sesungguhnya kami milik Allah, kepadaNya kami akan kembali. Ya Allah, berilah pahala kepadaku dan gantilah untukku dengan yang lebih baik daripada musibahku."  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nasyid : Epilog Silam

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jalan-Jalan Cari Pasal : Tutti Fruitti Yogurt

Assalamualaikum dan Selamat Hari Sabtu.

Baru ja lepas hang out dengan my BFF, miss ayu n her friend fairuz. Ayu la ni, dia mengindam yogurt eskem. Haa cam best ja kan bunyinya. Pernah try yogurt eskem dekat Tutti Fruitti? To those yang belum try, highly recommended to try this yogurt eskem. Orang JB yang rasa nak try, you all boleh pergi kat shop lot yang baru tak baru sangat dekat Kebun Teh bersebelahan dengan JKR Mekanikal. Rugi tak try! Sebab apa tau. Selain mejanjikan kenikmatan yang tak terhingganya, yogurt ini sangat sihat untuk kesihatan para penggemarnya. Free promotion ni, jangan main-main hokkay. hahaha. 

Memanglah yogurt tu rasanya masam-masam kelat, wekkk tak sedap. Tapi kalau dah pekena yogurt kat Tutti Fruitti ni, comfirm you all akan repeat balik. Rasa dia dah modify dah rasa sedap. Alaa better you all pergi rasa sendiri lah. By the way, saya nak share sedikit info pasal kebaikan yogurt ni:
  • Bagus utk prevent colon cancer. Yaa, Better prevent than cure. 
  • Boleh merendahkan blood pressure and cholesterol level. Hrmmm... Sesuai sangat utk diet org2 berpenyakit darah tinggi.
  • Menguatkan daya immusi badan kita. Bila immusi badan kuat jadi penyakit jahat pun takut nak serang badan kita. 
  • Meningkatkan penyerapan mineral dalam badan kita. 
  • Promote good bacteria and enzyme yang boleh membantu membunuh bacteria yang jahat lagi membahayakan macam dalam iklan susu Friso tu.
  • Sesuai bagi yang nak berdiet tapi degil juga nak makan eskem, jangan kempunan, makan ja yogurt eskem ni dah rasa macam eskem juga, eskem masam. So orang yang berdiet, jangan risau sangat sebab yogurt eskem ni lower fat, high calcium and low calorie.
Masa first time masuk Tutti Fruitti, ada sedikitlah perasaan jakun n terpinga-pinga, semuanya self-service.  Aish tak tahu mana nak mula. Confused. Nasib baik ada notice board macam manual procedure, so tak da la sesat sangat.  Da most important, muka kasi confident mei.

Bismillah. Dah nak start buat yogurt sendiri ni. Mula-mula, pergi ambil cup yang dah tersedia. Cup pun pelbagai size, agak-gak kaki pelahap tu boleh pilih extra large cup.  Small cup warna orange, Medium cup warna hijau dan Large cup warna pink. For first timer, tak yah amek cup besar-besar sangat, cup kecil pun dah kenyang n puas. 

Tu dia cup2 untuk yogurt. 
After dah pilih cup, proceed next station, dispense yogurt. Yang ni boleh mix semua flavor yang ada mengikut cita rasa masing-masing. Antara flavor yang ada: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, passion fruit, green apple, etc.  My favorite flavor are vanilla, chocolate n green apple. Sungguh mengujakan! Yummmy!

mak cik baju biru sedang dispense frozen yogurt perisa chocolate. 

Ok next! After dah mix up ur favorite flavor, pergi kat next station. Ini utk topping yogurt dan penambah sedap yogurt anda. Kat station tu nanti, leh laa tambah macam-macam topping, ada bijiran,buah-buahan, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, whipped cream dan segala macam lah. Yang penting jangan tamak haloba, nanti memakan diri sendiri sebab topping-topping ni mostly manis-manis belaka.So jaga-jaga ya! 

Ni dia topping yang manis-manis.

Setelah siap bubuh topping, nampakkan budak baju putih tu yang dah tunggu kat kaunter kat gambar di atas ni, serahkan yogurt anda untuk ditimbang. Harganya ikut kilo, semakin berat semakin mahal. RM5.30 per 100 gram. First time visit, i kena RM27 ok. So this time, dah pandai budget sikit, kena charge RM17 sahaja.

Sedap sangat yogurt Tutti Frutti ni. Yummy! 

Sori x da plak close up picca utk yogurt, x sabar nak mammmm.... 

Jemput makan!

Picca: Credit to Miss Ayu. Ambil dari FB dia. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jalan-Jalan Cari Pasal : Mango Sticky Rice

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Hujung Minggu
Baru ja lepas menonton cerita Khurafat. Bagi saya yang penakut ni, saya rasa hantu dalam cerita ini memang agak menyeramkan, x senang duduk dalam cinema sampai penghujung cerita. Credit to Shamsul for his great job. Bagi 3 stars out of 5. Oklaa tukan! Untuk entry ni, bukan nak bagi review cerita Khurafat, better pergilah tengok sendiri ya kawan-kawan. After layan movie, saya dan cik juliana abdullah pergi Jalan Dhoby kat tengah bandar JB, aisha supardi dan mizarina bakrim split dgn kami, utk teruskan hal mereka berdua.

Kenapa pergi Jalan Dhoby? Sbbnya kat situ terletaknya sebuah stall menjual bermacam-macam desert, antaranya:

1. Ondeh2
2. Mango Sticky Rice <--- Sebab paling utama saya ke sini!!!!
3. Steamed Tapioca
4. Thai Spring Roll
5. Pumpkin Custard
6. Seri Muka

Papan Harga Desert Yg Sedap2 

Yang paling depan tu: Ondeh2 dan Seri Muka
Yang tengah tu : Pumpkin custard
Yang belakang tu : steamed tapioca, x sure rasa dia mcm mana, 
tp dalam dia sayur2an, ada lobak, taugeh, tepung dia x digoreng tp dikukus.
Next time, nak try rasanya. 

Nama stall ini ialah THAI DESSERT yang terletak disebelah boutique Juicy.J yang menjual barang2 dan pakaian wanita. Bagi yang minat dress up vintage, anda digalakkan datang ke boutique ini. :)) Desert paling famous kat stall ni ialah Mango Sticky Rice. Pernah x makan Pulut Mangga ni? May be ramai dah cuba sendiri rasa desert ini. Saya agak ketinggalan, sebab baru ja tahun lepas try this desset, la ni saya craving MSR sangat2. Penangan betul!!!! Disebabkan jakun sangat dengan kesedapan Mango Sticky Rice atau Pulut Mangga ni, sampaikan tak leh lupa kesedapannya, tu yang update blog dengan entry pasal desert ni yang dah masuk dalam top list my favourite food.

Ni jiran stall tu: Butik Juicy J

Pemandangan stall tersebut, sangat comel dan simple. :)

Apa rasa sedap tu? Rasa MSR ini lemak-lemak manis santan berkrim disukai ramai. Actually simple ja nak buat desert ni, masak pulut dengan campurkan garam dan santan, untuk kuah dia plak, santan tu dihangatkan dan dicampur dengan garam secukup rasa, then melengkapkan rasa kopek mangga yang fresh lagi sweet tu dan makan bersama pulut dan kuah santannya. Memang shiok bis! Sedap!Sedap!Sedap! (Nampak x saya lompat2 bintang sebab sedap dia memang terangkat!)* :P

ni lah dia Mango Sticky Rice

Tuangkan santan sebelum makan.

Memang sticky. Yummy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Destinasi Budget : Langkawi


Lately ni, suka plak nak update blog dengan tempat2 yang pernah saya kunjungi sepanjang sweet 20, wekkk. Untuk entry ni, saya nak lakarkan balik memori saya dengan My Ex Boss dan my officemate, cik Bakiya. Indu plak dengan my ex boss, Pn J.P. she was great boss, honestly. HeLLoOOO ni bukan kipas ya! huhu. Actually, we all pergi Sungai Petani untuk present paper Project Outcome Assessment . Ni kira my first time kena represent JPS Johor untuk bentangkan paper. nervous x usah laa nak cakap, goyang gak. At first memang berdebar, lajunya heart beat dah macam kelajuan bullet train. Pas tu, barulah normal balik heart beat, sib baik tak pengsan ja. Saya present utk projek RTB Sungai Juasseh. Hentam saja labu! Well, 4 days tu di Sungai Petani, Kedah. Dah ada peluang di utara, so menyelam sambil minum air lah. I followwww jaa pergi Pulau Langkawi. Yeaahhh! Memang best. Actually, dah pernah sampai Pulau Langkawi, masa tu sweet 15, orang lain dok struggle study PMR, saya pergi struggle honey moon dengan family. Release tension la kununnya. Hehe... 

My visit at Pulau Langkawi....

Untuk ke Langkawi, ada dua pilihan samada by air or by ferry. Pilihan di tangan anda! Kami memilih untuk pergi ke Langkawi melalui Kuala Perlis menggunakan perkhidmatan air, iaitu Feri. Advise Pn JP, kalau naik dari Kuala Perlis cepat sikit turun Feri compared to kalau melalui Kuala Kedah. Perjalanan dari Kuala Perlis ke Pulau Langkawi hanya 45 minit. Nasib baik x da mabuk2 laut, steady la!  Harga tiket feri pula untuk seorang dewasa ialah RM 20 per way. Feri pula beroperasi dari pukul 8 pagi hingga 7 malam. Kami beli tiket 2 way, pergi n balik. Untuk perjalanan balik kami ambil ferry akhir iaitu pada pukul 7 malam. Kalau kena tinggal ferry, jawabnya sendiri mahu ingatlah.

Sesampai ja di Langkawi, da first thing kami buat ialah cari kereta sewa. Di Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal, memang berderet counter yang menyediakan perkhidmatan kereta sewa, jadi bagi yang fussy and choosy tu, anda berpeluang untuk cari kereta da best la. Kami pilih untuk sewa kereta proton Wira AUTO, auto ok! Untuk sewa satu hari, depa bagi RM50 sahaja, murah kan? ini tidak termasuk minyak. Minyak sendiri isi laa der. Tank memang dah menunjukkan sign empty, so next destination without any further, kami cari petro station yang berhampiran semasa on the way ke Langkawi Cable Car. Isi RM20. Xyah isi penuh sebab ini 1 day trip, rugi kalu x habiskan minyak.

Then we are heading to Langkawi cable car, teringin sangat nak naik cable, hati menyanyi girang spanjang perjalanan. Ceh! In 40 minute kami sampai ke Langkawi cable car. Excited and Nervous juga bila terpandang dari jauh ketinggian cable car yang bakal saya naik nanti. Sangat tinggi meh, 652.5 m above sea level. Kalau trekking, kena ada 6 h.p stamina saya rasa. hehe. Harga tiket untuk dewasa untuk naik cable car ialah RM25. Maklumlah 1st time nak naik, agak teruja and ada sikit rasa jakun, cover skit x mo tunjuk excited tu, hehe. Systematics! Tu first word before nak naik cable car, sbb depa dah sediakan kotak2 angka dari 1-4, maksudnya setiap satu cable car, hanya boleh naik 4 orang dewasa. Depa akan que dalam petak2 tersebut, turn by turn akan naik tanpa berebut. Oh ya, yang naik cable car, sy n Bakiya ja, Pn J.P x naik sbb menurut beliau, dia dah pernah naik sebelum ni. Hehe. Ok no problem, kami proceed ja! Nak tahu mcm mana naik cable car, rasa lah sendiri. Challenge urself! Kat puncak tu,clearly leh nampak laut, air terjun 7 Telaga, flora fauna, burung2. Memang tenang sangat n udara kat atas tu rasa segar sangat. Yang paling best masa lalu kat bridge tu, lagi2 bila awan melintas. Terangkat shiok dia! Better pergi sendiri lah.

After that, pergi pekan Kuah, ni special request Pn J.P. dia dtg Langkawi ni pasai nak shopping, haruslah dia yang bawak byk bag plastic shopping paling banyak antara kami bertiga. Saya cuma beli ole-ole ja untuk family dan rakan2 terdekat. Yup, seronok sangat di Langkawi even x dapat round semua tempat. Hopefully  satu hari nanti, saya akan sampai lagi ke Langkawi ni.

Ok, ni dia gambar2 yang sempat dirakamkan kat sana.

 Cable car
 Pemandangan dari cable car yg saya naik, woww gayat!!!
 I was here!
 Best sangat~
 Indanya ciptaan Allah
 Kalau rockclimbing kat sini baik juga ni! ;p

Bye2 Langkawi. We'll meet again! InsyaAllah

Monday, January 17, 2011

Demo la ni...


Lama dah teringin nak pergi Kelantan. Last visit saya di Kelantan masa saya di Form 5, Sekolah Menengah Teknik Tanjung Puteri. Almost 10 years baru berpeluang datang Kelantan. O.M.G! maksudnya dah 10 tahun juga saya tinggal zaman menengah atas saya. Rasa macam baru semalam tinggalkan zaman gila-gila remaja. Sekarang dah waras, maklumlah dah dewasa. :))))) Sepanjang trip saya di Kelantan saya nak ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada my BFF tuan sapik dan keluarga di atas layanan yang tip top. Thank you very much! Terima kasih juga pada Awin dan Fit. Enjoy sangat di Kelantan. <3

Hari pertama kat Kelantan, kitaorang pergi Rantau Panjang. Rantau Panjang ni  kat ngn Malaysia-Thailand border yang dipisahkan antara Sungai Golok. Masa ni bawa passport, tapi x berkesempatan pergi Thailand. Next time visit kot, insyaAllah. Kat Rantau Panjang, kami singgah Pasar Besar Rantau Panjang. Sini memang heaven untuk bershopping. Barang-barang seperti aksesori wanita, handbag, tudung, pakaian (kain batik, blouse), makanan (kacang,asam,jeruk), comforter@narita, dan pelbagai ada dijual kat sini. Murah-murah pula tu. Memang shiok!!! Yang x bestnya, x dapat nak shopping banyak, sebabnya balik Johor naik bus, payah nak mengangkut nanti. Masa datang sini, cuaca agak jahatlah, maklumlah musim tengkujuh bulan Disember. Berlarian2 lah kitaorang bila hujan turun pagi tu. Ni la shopping paling adventure sepanjang 20 pluss pluss saya hidup. Tehee...

Permandangan luar Pasar Besar Rantau Panjang

Next station, after having lunch, lunch yang memang sedap dan murah. Jatuh hati dengan masak gulai orang Kelantan. memang superb. Sedap hingga licin pinggan saya makan. Ok2... next station, ktarang pergi Kota Bahru. Kat Kota Bahru ni, kitaorang sempat melawat dan bergambar kat depan Istana Jahar, Istana Balai Besar dan Sultan Ismail Petra Arch.  Saya tertarik dengan senireka architecture istana lama kat situ. Memang cantik dan byk berciri Islamic. Ketulenan seni ukirnya memang terpelihara. Kagum melihatnya. 

Berposing depan gerbang Istana Balai Besar. 

Bergambar depan Istana Jahar @ Muzium Istiadat Diraja Kelantan. 
Excited ambil gambar sampai terpejam mata. Feeling mesti lebih. :)))

Tu yang posing ala flying Flamingo tu nama dia Awien. Hehe Comelkan? 
Comel meriam tu. Keh3

Ni dia Pintu Gerbang Sultan Ismail Petra.

Sempat tu bergossip kat depan pintu gerbang. hehehe :)

Cuba baca tulisan jawi ni. Sy merangkak2 juga membacanya. 

Lawatan hari pertama, x tamat kat sini sahaja. Kalau dah sampai Kelantan, memang harus pergi Pantai Cahaya Bulan, antara pantai yang terkenal di Kelantan terletak 10km dari Kota Bahru. Pantai ni juga dikenali sebagai Pantai Cinta Berahi, nama pantai ni dulu diberi oleh pegawai tentera British yang angau dengan cintanya tak berbalas maka terilhamlah nama pantai ni sebagai Pantai Cinta Berahi auwwww. Kat sini juga ada sejarah penting bagi Tanah Melayu kerana PCB merupakan tempat pendaratan Jepun semasa nak menyerang British pada perang dunia ke-II. Selain dapat menikmati ciptaan Maha Esa dan menghirup bau pantai dengan angin pantai sepoi2 bahasa, petang-petang ni memang sesuai pekena makanan celup2 tepung ni. Semua ada, ikan, sotong, cendawan celup tepung. Bolehlah tahan. Kami try kat gerai Cinta Selera.

Hehe Apa motif la bergambar cam ni, hehe... Saya cam nak menari Mak Yong pun ada. :)))

Muka ceria dapat sampai PCB. Hehe :))))

Berjalan2 dipersisiran pantai. Sonok! Yeah...Yeahhh.... :))))

Malam tu, kami pergi ronda2 kat Wakaf Che Yeh. Kat sana banyak gerai jual pakaian, aksesori perempuan dan lelaki, buah2an, permainan budak2 dan bermacam2 lagi ada di sini. Alaa... x da gambar nak share, malam tu saya x bawa DSLR saya. 


Hari Kedua pula, kami pergi Kota Bahru Mall, pergi sana sebab nak baiki jam tangan sapik. Sambil2 tu round2 KB Mall, cuci mata walaupun x beli apa pun kat situ, window shopping ja. Dah boring window shopping, saja2 lawan bowling. Ada orang tu physcho ja lebih, konon sapa kalah kena belanja. Hehe last2 dia yang kalah. hehe... Sib baiklah dia bagi chance saya 2nd last. kalu x comfirm la sy yang kalah. ;p 

the winner of the day: MSZ

dua orang mak cik sedang bergaduh di shopping mall. 

Muka bengang selepas peristiwa ice cream terbang, hehe. 
Bis baju kotor. Sori! :)))

Sempat g posing kat car park. Perempuan... :)))

Tengahari kami makan di Pasar Siti Khadijah, Kota Bahru. Saya ambil seekor udang galah. Yummm... Yummm... disebabkan lapar tahap dewa, x ambil pun gambar udang galah yang besar yang menjadi santapan saya tengahari tu. Lepas makan, sempat jalan2 di Pasar Siti Khadijah yang rata2nya penjualnya adalah wanita sesuai dengan nama pasar ni, Kak Katty punya pasar. Shape pasar ni unik sebab berbentuk octagen (segi 8). Tingkat paling bawah meriah dengan pasar basah. Sangat colourful dari pandangan atas. Cantik! Rasanya kat pasar siti khadijah ni banyak menjual makanan traditional Kelantan, antaranya taik itik, jala mas, serabe, tepung pelita dan pelbagai lagi kuih ada kat sini. Awin akhirnya dapat juga dia beli jala mas kat situ. Tahniah awin, dari day one visit dia cari. Hehe. 

Xda mood nak pose sbb tgh lapar.


Hari petangnya, sekali lagi pergi pantai dekat Bachok. Jauh gak perjalanan dari Kota Bahru ke Bachok ni. Sempat jugalah ambil kesempatan tidor. Dah sampai. bukan main excited lagi, hilang rasa penat. Masa on the way ke pantai Bachok, terpandang sekor lembu ni, memang luar biasa besarnya, kalau mengikut pengamatan mata memang lembu tu lembu tertua dalam Malaysia lah. Ish sayangnya tak dapat nak snap gambar, tu la sapa suruh tidor masa dlm perjalanan, rugi2. Tak pa lembu, kalu ada umur yang panjang kita jumpa lagi ya. Tunggu aku ya lembu! :))) 

Pantai yang peaceful... ^^V

Nilah pemandangan Pantai Bachok. Sungguh menenangkan jiwa.

Fit, Penyelamat ikan yang kind-hearted 

Balik dari Pantai Bachok, kami pergi melawat kubur arwah nenek safik. Al-Fatihah untuk nenek beliau. Mari sama2 mendoakan semoga rohnya sentiasa dicucuri rahmat Allah. ameen. Malam tu, mama safik masak. Sedap betul makan nasi panas, lagi2 perut tengah lapar kan. Yummy.Time tu ada yang berpeluh makan sambal belacan. Huhu.

That's all. Ada intention nak datang lagi especially Wakaf Che Yeh, nak repeat sana sbb x dapat shopping. :(

Thursday, January 13, 2011

special for MISS AYU da cutest person i ever met :)


Entry kali ini special sikit dari biasa, saya nak devoted this entry to someone that really special to me, her name is ROHAYU ZULKIFLI or nama manja-manja gedix, Ayu. Hari ni hari last dia bekerja di JKR, Nusajaya. Maknanya after this, no more makan2 or mengular (x selalu buat ok!!!! hee) together, no more. 

Flashback detik pengenalan kita orang, masa tu waktu lunch, Aisha bawa dia sekali pergi lunch, dia first day report duty masa tu, first expression pasal dia ni, haha jangan mara Ayu, dia ni memang seorang yang friendly. Baru first time dah boleh join, memang satu kepala satu akal tapi badan lain2 rupa pun memang la lain. Memang x silap my expression, sbb sampai la ni memang saya tahu, she is very friendly and easy to get along. Bukan jenis sombong la, baik ja. (Promo skit, hehe)  The most thing yang saya tak boleh lupa, gelak dia. hahaha. Ya, gelak Ayu. Lepas ni sunyi lah cafeteria kitaorang. hehe :P and another thing, style minah ni, she is different and fashionable. Dia memang sungguh menggayalah!!! 

Ayu, ko jangan lah sedih sangat ya. Kita still boleh lepak sama2, boleh pergi Singapore sama2 and boleh ja pergi shopping sama2, pergi tgk wayang sama2. Bezanya pas ni ko keja jauh ja dari ktrang. Jauh-jauh pun still kat JB juga kan. Hari Jumaat tu panjangkan lah langkah datang office aku. hehe macam lah tak biasa. ;p Anyway, Ayu even kita x bpisah jauh, but aku nak minta maaf lah sepanjang ko ada kat Nusajaya dengan aku ni, kalau aku banyak menyakitkan hati ko dengan lisan aku, perkataan aku, perbuatan aku dan tingkahlaku aku. Aku harap ko ikhlas maafkan aku, uwwaaa... Aku sayang ko babe. Aku pun nak ucapkan terima kasih banyak2 kat ko, ko byk tolong aku. tempat aku mengadu, tempat aku bermanja ;p hee... hope our friendship keep remain forever. keep in touch. ko jangan sombong2 ngan aku. Nanti mesti dah x da org suka tumbuk n sikung ko kan ayu. hehe amanla hidup ko nanti. hehee. babe, gonna miss you... 

ni hadiah gambar2 kita

Inilah cik ayunya. Cute kan? 

ni waktu rehat Jumaat, ktrang baru cuci mata kat Juicy Boutique 

Yang ni masa tu bulan puasa, kitaorang wat apa ek masa ni? hehe wat2 lupa ja la... ;p

Thursday, January 6, 2011

GPS di Singapore :)


last weekend, kami berseronok-seronok di Kota Singa, Singapore. Even i'm Johorean, baru ja 3 times sampai sini. Dahlah my brother-in-law Singaporean. Tapi susah juga nak jejak Singapore often disebabkan money constraint. Currency Spore tinggi. This time punya trip special sikit sebab drive sendiri dengan bantuan gadget ok, canggih x? Thanks to Ayu for bring her GARMIN. It is verry helpful for da most. Tapi ada certain time tu bengong juga la GARMIN. Satellite x detect kot disebabkan hujan. 

Obviously GARMIN give wrong direction. HAHAHA. Ni kat Bugis Street. :P

Our first destination, mula decide nak pergi USS, but suddenly rainning, tu yang kami pun tukar our 1st destination pergi BUGIS STREET. Yang dah biasa pergi Spore, mesti tahu apa yang ada kat sini kan. Kat sini bagi yang perempuan, kalu nak cari baju, jaket, dress and skirt. Murah juga. Tapi kena pandai pilih kedai. Lenguh gak kaki, almost 2 hours window shopping kat sini. Last-last i just bought one nice kemeja. color grey. okla tu. better than nothing.

posing kat one of shop kat Bugis Street. Not for me. Hahaha (really?)***  

Haa nampak tu, ni kat luar market Bugis Street. 

Tengahari pula, perut memang lapar tahap gastrik laa. So we heading to Arab Street. Sebelum makan, kami singgah solat di Masjid Sultan. Cantik dan unik rekabentuk masjid ni. Tapi sayang x sempat nak posing2 plak dalam masjid. Masjid Sultan ni terletak depan Arab Street. Masjid dia bersih. Toilet dia pun tip top seriously. Walaupun bangunan lama, tapi penyelenggaraan masjid di jaga dengan baik. Memang class la. :) So lepas solat, makan time. Kitarang makan di Zam2 Murtabak. Seems to be nak berjimat cermat, so order 1 plate nasi beriyani daging dan 1 plate small murtabak untuk 3 pax. Pandai kitarang berjimat, bila calculate sorang bayar $4. Not bad la tu! ;p hahaha. Beriyani dia sangat berempah, kalu yang ada darah mamak memang taste u all la. For me, memang x boleh masuk, tapi disebabkan lapar, habis juga ktrang makan. Murtabak dia plak to be compared ngn Murtabak Kampung Melayu, i prefer Kampung Melayu punya. Hee... Sori ya... 

Vespa ni style der. Ni kat depan Masjid Sultan. Dpt tengok pagar ja eh. Okla tu. Heee :)

Ni plak posing2 ala2 kat Paris. Burung Merpati berterbangan. Ehem ingat senang ke nak bagi burung2 ni terbang. Hahaha. 1st trial memang menjadi. After that, burung2 ni dah tau trick ktrang, memang boh layan. Perhhh educated betul burung-burung ni. Hehehe...

After Asar, Ktrang pergi USS. Jalan-jalan untuk berposing hokkay. Got no money. So jangan harap dapat main2 indoor game kat situ. Menurut sumber yang 50-50 boleh percaya, USS akan dibuka sepenuhnya tahun ni, so u guys grab the opportunity. Disebabkan 3 orang yang x biasa dengan Spore ni. Ktrang parking kat dalam USS ni. Mahal tul parking dia, 1 jam ja terpaksa bayar $11, ni lum convert Malaysia Currency. Tapi memang bestla pergi USS ni. May be nak repeat balik datang USS bila dah rasa budget terlebih. ;p Actually ada parking murah, xpa tu next time kita try plak parking sana. :)

depan universal globe. Ramai betul orang nak bergambar kat sini. Kira tempat feveret nak bergambar la ni

See they hold the lion, cool! ^^V hee

 Hee... No comment~

 Rasa nak ja mandi kat air pancut tu... :)))

depan hard rock. Berkenan kat one of t-shirt kat hard rock, reggae concept, yg dye2 tu, memang superb punya berkenan. But not money value, so forget it! Geramnyaa... Grrrr ;(  

Alhamdulillah, our trip memang lancar. Rasa seronok plak drive kat Spore. Hehehe. Mission is accomplished walaupun hampir pening nak cari 7 Eleven utk top up Autopass. Hahaha. Will keep the memory forever in my heart. ;)