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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Formula One Racing. :)

Just imagine life without friends? It would be dull+boring+plain, definitely!

That is why i keep my high school/college friends close. Even though we have own paths in life, we still have time to update about each other's lives, spend time together for "girlie" things.I love spending time with them. 

Friends come and go, but good ones will stuck with you. Good friend is the one that can make you happy and somehow make you better person.

Nina, is one of my BFF. We have been friends since high school. Alhamdulillah, we met again after a long time we "lost". (hehe). Now, i am stuck with you babe, can't live a few days without talking each other.I dunno what will happen after i am going for technical attachment in KL. I don't think it is difficult to maintain our friendship... banyak cara lor. Nina, u can visit me at KL what. I know u will do. Hehe.

Recently, i spent my time with her watching F1 racing. It was a greatest moment. BTW, thanks to PROTON for  this free ticket. Sadly, we've got Friday entrance ticket only, another two days PROTON suruh beli sendiri laa... hehe. Satu hari pun dah puas hati juga sebab we are allowed to walk at pit stops/ pit pass. Best tu. The best experience i ever had. The special thing of F1 racing is the way the team manage their time in pit stops, how to minimiz time loss in the box, it is requires fast stop, otherwise it will effect tracks position. Seriously anything can happen. 

Oklaa, till this time. Some photo of my happy moment with Nina. Muaahhh...

 Nina's favorite driver
in front of Ferrari Operation Systems.
My favourite F1 driver.
i left my finger print on F1 car. Hehe. *.* Pengsan


judean said...

hi.. leh kenal?? hahaha

Miss Pena Unggu said...

hi... x leh kenal laa... hahaha sbb sy dah kenal awk

judean said...

hahaha.. cepat lah pindah KL.. leh awak blanjer.. :p

Miss Pena Unggu said...

hahaha... camni nak pindah KL lambat2 la, kena blanja awak.

judean said...

hehehe.. majuk arr canie.. :p

Miss Pena Unggu said...

xnak la pujuk. nanti kena blanja. hehehe