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Thursday, April 21, 2011

thanks for all the wishes :)

I just turned  yesterday. To me, age is just a number that represent a fine cargo of experiences and memories. Ya, age really is just a number. Inside your head, you can be a teenager in your late twenties. It is wonderful like it did when i was teenager in fact. Well, i'm grown up now, but the memories keep remain in my mind. In 30 years time, I will be telling my grandchildren about my "enjoyness" teenager life.

Here is some tips, to live longer but still healthier and look younger, just enjoys your life, eat right, exercise regularly and keep mentally active and positive. Face the reality calmly. Growing older is compulsory, Growing up is optional. Hehe :)

I received 100 more Facebook, SMS and email even "self-phone-call" birthday messages. The messages have been so wonderful. I wanted to take a moment to show my gratitude to everyone, my family, my friends, my colleagues who took the time to wish me Happy Birthday. Thanks a lot. The wishes are mean a lot to me. *Cries*  

Me and my "meja bulat" friends have an intimate dinner for my birthday celebration. We had dinner at Benafe Village. The food was really SEDAP! i had meatball with tomato sauces pasta. 

Thanks to Ayu, she got me a super duper amazing strawberry chocolate cake from Bread Talk, that was so yummy! Ayu ask an apology for a small cake. Ayuuuuuuu! You are sweetest girl in the world. No worries babe, IT IS SMALL CAKE BUT IT GIVES BIG MEANING TO ME, really! Love you Ayu, muuuah. I'm sharing Birthday Cake with Soley, his birthday fall today. To Soley, happy birthday to you. Bila mo kawen? hehe...

Big thank as well to Aisha, Iezan, John, Soley, Carl-lite and Mie for spending your time to celebrate my birthday last night. I feel so glad because i'm having too much fun with my good friends last night which i could ever deserved it. As usual, after "tiup lilin and potong-potong cake" session, we talked and we talked until late night. hrmmm... I will miss this moment, when the time actually comes when I part from all of them. There will be constantly an empty hole in my heart. I promises all of you will remain in my heart.   


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