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Friday, January 20, 2012

Letter To My Husband

To my most beloved husband and most honored companion
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

I praise Allah Taala, besides whom there is none worthy of worship, for He is our Creator and Sustainer. May Allah Taala shower His special mercies, blessings and peace on Muhammad, after whom there shall be no prophet.

Every day I thank Allah for bringing you to me, and me to you. There are many women from your people whom you could have married and many men from my people whom I could have married. However when The Best Planner decrees a matter it comes to a pass and I thank Allah for decreeing you as my husband, my partner in this life and the next.

My dearest,

At this beginning of our marriage, I am just a simple lady who is unaware of your personalities. Do tell me what you like so that I may carry it out and tell me what displeases you so I may forsake it for with this marriage, I have become you and you, me. May we be the cloth that covers each other’s weaknesses from the world.

Each day when you leave to find sustenance, I entrust your Deen, your safety and your final deeds in the care of Allah Taala. Fear Allah concerning us my darling, and feed us nothing that is unlawful. Truly, a small fortune that is lawful can lit a shabby home but a huge fortune that is unlawful rocks even the most expensive house.

Dear beloved,

I ask Allah Taala to shower our home with love and blessings, but a marriage is seldom a bed of roses. A man’s weakness is his ego and a woman’s weakness is her tongue. May Allah grant me the patience to remain quiet when you’re angry, the strength to be soft when you’re harsh and the wisdom to give advice when you’re down. I ask Allah to be reminded of your strength when your flaw prevails and I ask Allah Taala to increase our love for each other to the rank of Rasulullah and his beloved Khadeeja.

But, if ever one day your feelings for me slowly fades – utter your affection for me despite its absence in your heart and I shall do the same. Truly the turner of hearts is none other than Allah and have faith that your words are the prayers that will be answered by Him.

For this marriage is a gift from Allah and working for it is a means to please Allah. My hands are in yours for as long as Allah is your Guardian.

I am now reluctantly taking leave from you. Please lower your forehead that is always prostrating before your Rabb so that I may place a kiss on it. I shall extent my hands to you so that you may kiss them as well even though they do not serve you as well as they should.

May the blessings of Allah be upon you, and may He return you safely home very soon.

Yours and only yours truly,
Your loving wife

-Inspired by: Gift for a Muslim Bride

Monday, January 16, 2012

ice skating

monday, 16 January


hey lovelies

thanks for visit my humble blog...
last Sunday, i had a great time with my housemate... 
we are headed to Sunway Pyramid for ICE SKATING!!!!
woooooooooo... Finally, i made it... hehe... *proud :P

For first timer, u'll fall down and getting bruises...
Otherwise, who knows that u can move around smoothly with the skating shoes :)

we are with skating shoes... 

see... who is behind her? it's KAER AF, ok... hehe 

But it was wonderful experience for me... even I've got much much much bruises on my both leg, palm and bum-bum* hehe...
and I still feel the pain now... ouchhh... uwaaaa :(
For those people out there who never try ice skating, i insist you to go and have fun in 
skating for at least once in your lifetime. :) 
Seriously mmg best gila OK!

i met kaer AF. He is so cute and friendly. The cameraman asked me, "do u know him?" i answered, "i think i know him, he is from reality program, AF right?" he said to me,"he is kaer azami" then i prentended that, "owh... baru ingat, it's him..." hehe... sorry kaer... xpe... yg penting he's so friendly to his fan... 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

house to sell


hey loveliest...

looking for house somewhere at Klang
just click link below for details...

inform that u get this info from my blog... hehe :)

spread your LOVE.


hey lovelies...

I would like to share a video of Sharing Islam With The World
which is the Da'wah program organised by IIS Foundation, that involved 50 youngsters from FCR alumni.

Most people go to the Bukit Bintang for shopping.but they go to Bukit Bintang to share and spread One love..... sharing is loving.... Proud of you Young Muslims.. Good job! 


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the true love story

This the true love stories...

Aisha rady Allahu'anha and the Prophet Sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam would use code language with each other denoting their love. She asked the Prophet Sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam how he would describe his love for her. The Prophet Muhammad answered, saying:


in others word:
the more you tug, the strongest it gets...
how deep Rasullullah love to Aisha rady Allahu'anha... 

To Feet,
let's always pray to Allah, may Allah bless our relation and keep us in track
and give us the best halal relationship till in jannah...

i admit that you are the best jodoh for me, insyaAllah....
jom lets Rasulullah dan Aisya be our role model ... 
i really hope we will work together to get the our journey safely to the destination (jannah) 
boleh x my captain... i will try my best to be a good co-pilot in any situations, insyaAllah :)